2018 Le Touquet Tour

By Andrew Wishart
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Every year, SVHC take a touring party of senior players from all teams to Le Touquet. This tournament has been going for over 60 plus years, it is held in a wonderful location amongst the pines near the summer beach homes of Parisians. This year we took 15 players (no keeper but a keeper kit ) to play 3-5 games of hockey in the Majors , which is held on 3 Grass hockey pitches and the occasional challenge match on the excellent Astro at the venue. Noting the old adage, "what goes on Tour, stays on Tour" , we have uploaded a few photos that outline the venue , the players and the fun of Le Touquet. These are Photos from Day 1, 2 games played - lost 1 , won 1 , played with two different keepers and we all enjoyed the sunshine. More importantly, we won our first ever Grass match this year, which made the evening drinks so much more enjoyable in the evening sun at TAC. Many thanks to TAC for hosting us , to the SVHC Tour Organisers , Players and Families for allowing those to attend.